Save the Timberwolves? That's Easy

Minnesota Timberwolves: Jim Souhan has a 3-pronged attacked for “saving” the Minnesota Timberwolves – fire the owner, GM and coach, in that order. I’ve got a quicker one – definitely fire the GM, David Kahn. Then, make a Ricky Rubio decision. Either get him over here or trade him. Point guard is their primary issue – they lead the league in turnovers and are 25th in assists. They lead the league in blocks and rebounds, but are last defensively. Their backcourt needs an overhaul – in whatever deal they do with Rubio, get a defensive shooting guard in return (Landry Fields? Arron Afflalo? Tony Allen? Mickael Pietrus? Yes, I’ve given up on Corey Brewer). Draft Kyrie Irving. Presto! [Star Trib]

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Because you want to see it first.

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