The Roundup: NBA All-Star Weekend is Here!

Kate Upton … so J-Woww has changed her mind and will do Playboy, it seems … how Dan Patrick landeed Charlie Sheen … this guy died, woke up, and then died again four days later … it’s a walkout! … this is what HIV looks like … Southerners are the least likely to exercise … the Kardashian family made $65 million last year … only bloggers who tweet will care about this … how do you kill your girlfriend and keep her under your bed? … fans of Spy Magazine will enjoy this … that’s a lot of stuff to be carrying in your anus … for the Sofia Vergara fans

Reggie Miller wasn’t a finalist for the NBA Hall of Fame? Travesty. [Yahoo Sports]

“Sneaker companies order American universities and their coaches, network execs and broadcasters to roll over, play dead, lie down and just plain lie. Good boys! Dog biscuits for all!” [Mushnick]

A very detailed breakdown of True Hoop’s, “Kobe isn’t clutch” post. [Off the Backboard]

Because you obviously want to know about the beard of Ole Miss PG Chris Warren. [Clarion Ledger]

The Editor-in-Chief of Fanhouse confirms what everyone thought – Mariotti’s claims about why he wasn’t retained were a massive reach. [Tribune]

Does Joe Johnson of the Hawks owe a Milwaukee owner $75k? [JS Online]

Woman dies in her cubicle, nobody notices until the next day. [TIME]

Five years, $65 million for Jose Bautista? Don’t think his home run total won’t be closely monitored this year. [Globe & Mail]

Matt Taibbi, as usual, doin’ the damn thing when it comes to Wall Street. [Rolling Stone]

Jadeveon Clowney liked the the co-eds at Alabama the best while he was on the recruiting trail. [Fox Sports]

The Nuggets are making one last effort to get the Knicks to raise their final offer … by attempting to clean out the Nets. [Woj]

Bill Plaschke: The Lakers are broken. Welcome to the theme of All-Star weekend! [LA Times]

Scotty Hopson can jump.

In an effort to get you excited for the dunk contest this weekend. [via Hot Clicks]

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