Bill Belichick Asked If (Gasp) Peyton Manning's Arm Was Hit

Belichick engages in small talk at the pro bowl: Michael David Smith (edited, originally said Florio) at PFT has a piece with the suggestive title “Belichick Used the Pro Bowl to seek information from Wayne.” What did Bill Belichick do? Ask Reggie Wayne to give him the Colts’ hot routes for use in the pro bowl? No, while standing on the sidelines next to Reggie Wayne during a practice session, he asked Wayne whether they hit Peyton Manning’s arm on the game-clinching interception at the end of New England’s 31-28 victory last season. Clearly a case of Evil Bill using his power as the pro bowl coach improperly.┬áThe league should launch an investigation into this matter and strip the Patriots of their next first round pick. (I’m taking suggestions on what font type should become the official sarcasm font). [Pro Football Talk via ESPNBoston]

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