Ken Pomeroy on Mid-Season Firings

Mid-season firings in college basketball: In his latest blog entry, Ken Pomeroy presents the case for mid-season firings of college basketball coach, as sometimes being the humane thing to do. “Your employer can either force you to work under these [bad] conditions for another month, or pay you a sizable sum and free you from these conditions. Is there another profession where being forced to work under those conditions would be thought of as the right thing to do?” Among the reasons to make a decision before the end of the season, like Wyoming did with Heath Schroyer: the coaching search begins early and is not lost amidst the NCAA tournament, the coach in question gets a break from the 12-month grind to take care of things, and can recruit while not associated with a university, and most importantly, a school doesn’t make a bad decision based on a few results at season’s end. [the kenpom.com blog]

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