Blake Griffin Won the Slam Dunk Contest, But He Really Shouldn't Have

Blake Griffin’s first dunk, when he attacked the rim like a tornado, was awesome. Griffin’s elbow-in-the-the-rim dunk was kinda cool, but it had been done before. The side-of-the-backboard jam and the leaping over the car? Nothing special.

JaVale McGee had a more creative – and one could argue, more impressive – body of work in his dunks, but the Wizards’ center never stood a chance against one of the most popular players in the league on his home floor.

I enjoyed the dunk contest. I do think at some point, the contest needs to start deducting 1/2 a point for each miss. You never want to curtail creativity, but it kind of looks silly when you try a dunk five or six times … and then get a 50. All the misses kill momentum. And once you’ve seen a freak like McGee try to dunk two balls at once like five or six times, the actual dunk becomes less impressive.

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