Kobe Dunked on LeBron, and Other Notable Moments From the NBA All-Star Game

Kobe dunked on the LeBron, then patted him on the butt. LeBron, perhaps angry about that incident, decided to go into beast mode and produced only the second triple double in All-Star game history (Jordan has the other). But Chris Bosh missed a three, and the West won. Kobe collected his 4th MVP award for scoring 37 points and taking 14 rebounds. I’ve compiled a bunch of the best highlights after the jump.

I’m glad nobody risked bodily harm by getting in the way of LeBron here. The collision would have been ugly. Conservatively, I’d say LeBron was going 87 MPH.

I’ve heard some of the Sportscenter guys say, “oh, he gave him the okeydoke!” Is this the “okeydoke?” If not, what is? It’s all very confusing. Did I even spell “okeydoke” right? Because the “okeydoke” highlight is different from little kids who say, “okey-dokey.” I think.

Kobe’s athleticism was alarming throughout. I know it’s an All-Star game and nobody plays defense, but the old man (he’s 32!) was pretty unstoppable until LeBron and Joe Johnson locked him down in the 4th during the rally.

Stuff that didn’t quite make the cut:

* Russell Westbrook shook D Wade
* Interesting how Doc Rivers and Pop played their players very sparingly: For the East, KG played the fewest minutes, and Pierce and Allen were 3rd and 4th in that department; For the West, Tim Duncan played the fewest minutes
* I greatly enjoyed this Kobe-Durant back-to-back dunk moment
* Blake Griffin only played 14 minutes. He was tired from the Friday game and the Saturday night festivities
* Here’s a painful interview between Craig Sager & Justin Bieber. When they cut back to Marv, he said, “a penetrating interview!” Trust me. It was funny
* Text from a friend last night: “You should do a post on why Stevie Wonder has front-row seats”

[Four videos up top via @Jose3030]

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