Roundup: Tim Floyd Flips Out After Ejection, Tiger's Pissed After Loss & Video of Wisconsin Buzzer-Beater

Cheryl Cole … this couple needs way more than a reality check … life after the Philly Mob …signs at the protests in Madison, Wisconsinfive seconds of every No. 1 song ever … companies are seriously hoarding cash …missed yesterday: a 310-game conference losing streak was snapped … Affleck and Damon want to do a movie about Yankee wife-swapping in the 70s

Tiger lost in the opening round of match play to someone named Thomas Bjorn. Afterward, Tiger said he was pissed. [Independent]

Arizona State QB Steven Threet, who would have been a senior, is retiring due to concussions. [ESPN]

This mock draft has Cam Newton going 2nd to the Broncos. That’s a joke, right? [Plain-Dealer]

The Hawks made a trade, essentially swapping Mike Bibby for Kirk Hinrich. [AJC]

This is a very good interview with former Washington Post writer Len Shapiro. If you enjoy writing, read it. [Sports Business Daily]

Marshon Brooks scored 52 points for Providence last night. The Friars still lost to Notre Dame. [Fox Sports]

Former San Diego State coach Chuck Long’s house is facing foreclosure and scheduled to be auctioned off. His response: “That’s news to me.” The value of his house dropped so much it made sense to stop making payments. [Union Trib]

Chase Budinger scored 30 points for the Rockets last night. I had no idea he was capable of that. [Chronicle]

I found Tim Floyd’s quote about why he got ejected humorous. The video is below. [El Paso Times]

The Angels have a 7-foot-1 pitcher in camp. [Yahoo Sports]

Look away, Reds fans. The Brewers’ pitching staff is loaded. [Crasnick]

Prisco offers his Top 32 players at the NFL Combine. [CBS Sports]

Disagree, mostly because Rex Grossman is their only other option. [WP]

Here’s the video of Tim Floyd flipping out on refs to the point where a police officer stepped in.

Michigan, which is on the bubble, really could have used this victory. [via Bubba]

This video gets scary at the :10 mark, when a molotov cocktail hits a policeman.

Hollis Thompson of the Hoyas makes an appearance in this campaign rap song. [via the Bog]

Nick Schrank sent this to dozens of folks on twitter. Is this only impressive because nobody else has ever tried it?

Because you want to see it first!

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