Mike Bibby's Stylin' Miami Heckler

The picture on the left seems like a normal picture of an NBA player shooting a jump shot. You barely look twice. Luckily, someone that works with lots of photos of NBA players shooting jump shots noticed something truly spectacular about this picture. There is a Grade-A top-of-the-line Miami douchebag sitting in the front row yelling at Mike Bibby.

You almost hope this guy is like the Cigar Guy in the famous Tiger Woods photo – There’s no way someone that fucking ridiculous can be for real. With Cigar Guy, it turned out he was a guy in a costume. This guy? The star of Miami Dink? I don’t think he’s a Miami Borat.

Let’s break this down.

He’s got a full beard and a shaved head. He’s wearing sunglasses inside. He has a giant gold bracelet and cursive tattoos on both his forearms. He’s wearing camouflage cargo shorts and a deep V-neck t-shirt. And the cherry on top of the Douchebag Sundae… He’s wearing Uggs. In Miami. In a climate that usually sees 60-degree temperatures in the evenings this time of the year. It’s all of this. Every glorious detail. He intentionally dressed like this before leaving the house.

[Original image via Getty, Black, white and douche via Jose]

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