Ballin': Life Without Tony Parker Ain't Pretty

Ballin': Life Without Tony Parker Ain't Pretty


Ballin': Life Without Tony Parker Ain't Pretty

Orlando 116, New York 110: Not surprisingly, the Knicks faded in the 2nd half two nights after that fantastic win against Miami. After a disastrous 15-point 2nd quarter (when Hedo Turkoglu was ejected), the Magic scored 69 points in the 2nd half, led by Jameer Nelson (26 points) and the bench (44 points). New York’s “Big 3” made 22 of the Knicks’ 32 baskets, and scored 85 points. When does, “Operation; Save Chauncey’s Legs” begin? After the jump, watch Shawne Williams dunk on Dwight Howard.

Houston 103, Portland 87: Nice road win for the Rockets, who shot 57% from the field (Scola was 10-of-11) and thanks to five wins in a row, are quietly creeping back into the playoff race. The Trailblazers are 0-2 since acquiring Gerald Wallace.

Memphis 109, San Antonio 93: The Spurs’ first game without Tony Parker was a debacle: 21 turnovers, 17 assists. No started in double figures. San Antonio is the No. 1 seed in the West, but it only leads Dallas by five games, and the Lakers are six games back. Didn’t OJ Mayo warn everyone not to mess with Tony Allen? This referee must have not gotten the memo.

Indiana 109, Golden State 100: Danny Granger made more free throws (16) than the entire Warriors team (13) and folks, it looks like the Pacers are playoff-bound … unless you think Charlotte, which just traded its best player, is going to pull it off. The only question: Against which team does Indy stand the best chance of stealing a game? I’d guess Miami. I’m kind of looking forward to Granger vs. Durant tonight.

Toronto 96, New Orleans 90: Would it shock you if the Hornets missed the playoffs? The distance between them (6th seed) and Houston (11th seed) is just four games games. Chris Paul: 37 minutes, 7 points and, I’m certain, half a dozen, “get me the F outta here” looks. Have you seen how poorly they have drafted over the last four years? And yes, Jose Calderon (22 points, 16 assists) outplayed Paul.

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