Pitt Panthers Freshman Lives Up to Team's Thuggish Rep: Tasered Four Times After Confrontation With Police

Pittsburgh Panthers: On the day Sports Illustrated released a blockbuster investigation (more on that later) on all the criminals in college football, comes this report from police in Pittsburgh – a redshirt freshman on the Panthers, Fernando Diaz, was arrested over the weekend and hit with a taser four times. Diaz, who policed listed at 6-3, 300 pounds, “twice tried to walk away, and once the citation was written told police he wouldn’t sign it … Officers attempted to grab his arms but he pulled way in an aggressive manner and officers were only able to get one handcuff on him … He then began swinging his arms, one with the handcuffs attached, with closed fists at officers.” The Pittsburgh SID said he’s off the team. [Post-Gazette]

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