2011 MLB Photo Day is Here!

MLB photo day has been taking place for various teams all week long and, while it’s not quite as ridiculous as NBA media day, it always seems to deliver a slew of amusing gems for a number of different reasons. This is one of the few moments where the little guy gets an opportunity to shine. An inviting gallery of random baseball characters awaits you.

Starting at left we have Cardinals pitcher Blake King, who appears as though regardless of whether he were wearing a Cards hat, a cowboy hat, or a train conductor hat, he’d have the exact same expression. Pictured at center is a cardboard cutout of Felix Pie. At right is Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey. He’s a coming off a 15-win campaign and spent the offseason as the face of Zoloft.


Anyone else think Davey Lopes would’ve made for an amazing character on Lost? The man oozes wisdom, making him the John Locke of the Dodgers coaching staff. While it’s very endearing, Jason Motte’s “this shit is gooooood” expression shall not overshadow his bold fashion statement. The “deep v-neck jersey” look will be everywhere before the end of March. Cantankerous manager Ozzie Guillen predictably never saw eye to eye with the photographer after it was suggested he let himself go and try the “Costanza unleashed” pose.


As soon as I saw this picture of Adam Dunn I immediately thought of Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. His beard, which many are referring to as a pube collage, is to die for. Our center still is of Cards reliever Brian Tallet, who somehow didn’t play for the 1973 Oakland A’s. I initially had no idea this affable Ewok at the end here was Brian Bruney. K-Rod’s buddy has never been this happy and he’s never been this hairy.


On February 9, 2010, Jason Pridie was claimed off waivers by the New York Mets. On March 3, 2011, Jason Pridie won his way into our hearts. Aside from keeping his Twins healthy, Ron Gardenhire’s primary goals before leaving Florida are to outburn Jack Chester and outpork everyone on his roster. White Sox reliever Shane Lindsay unfortunately learned the hard way, but it’s widely known that one should never, ever watch A Walk to Remember on picture day.


And finally, the character you see above is Texas Rangers pitcher Seth McClung. He’s our MLB photo day winner. While McClung has no known blood relation to Gossamer, the two furballs are said to make for one of the rowdiest drinking duos in all of baseball. McClung recently told reporters he fears headphones more than striking out.

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