NFLPA Decertification Strategy

NFLPA’s Best Strategy to Decertify?: Attorney Lester Munson (not to be confused with Roger Cossack) believes that the NFLPA’s best strategy is to decertify in the face of the lockout. It opens the door to filing antitrust litigation against the NFL monopoly (likely successful) and seeking an injunction against a lockout (more uncertain). If they don’t do it by today, they have to wait six months. The other benefit? It keeps any litigation in front of Judge Doty, who, depending on your viewpoint, is biased against the owners, or makes rulings “unfavorable to the owners because they are wrong.” Munson also points out that the NHLPA strategy of not decertifying and continuing to negotiate in the face of a lockout didn’t exactly work out for the players [ESPN.com]

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