The Most Memorable Female Characters on TV List is Pretty Weak

Memorable Female TV Characters: TV squad put together a list, and my gripes begin with No. 2 – someone named Laura Rosin? Who? Never watched Battlestar Galactica in the five years it was on. Have no clue what channel it was on. If the show had an ounce of cultural clout, I missed it. Moving on … I like Mad Men, but Peggy Olsen at 4 is far too high. And then another Mad Men character at 16? Come on. The Good Wife? It’s been on for two years! We’re talking all-time, people. Samantha Stephens (34) from Bewitched should be Top 15, as should Carrie Bradshaw (41), Lorelai Gilmore (57) and Jeannie (60). [TV Squad]

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