Howard Bryant's Police Report: Five Witnesses Went to the Police Station to Give Statements

The police report from ESPN baseball writer Howard Bryant’s arrest has been obtained by the Republican, and it doesn’t reveal many more details than were previously known, except 1) How dodgy his wife was when asked by the cops whether or Bryant got physical with her and 2) just how resistant Bryant was to handcuffs. What it seems to do is contradict the assertion by Bryant’s lawyer that the cops were racist.

Much has been made of the fact that witnesses claim to have seen a physical altercation, but Bryant’s wife steadfastly denies all of that. In the police report, she appeared reluctant to talk to cops about it.

Perhaps in an effort to blunt the police report, Bryant’s lawyer, Buz Eisenberg went on the radio this week to hammer away at the racial bias he thinks took place.

Eisenberg, being interviewed on WHMP’s 9 O’Clock Show with Bill Newman and Monte Belmonte, said Bryant was singled out by witnesses and by police simply because he was black and in Buckland. With Buckland being 96.5 percent white, according to the US Census, Bryant naturally stood out no matter what he did, Eisenberg said.

Even before the police came, Bryant could feel people staring at him on Main Street, Eisenberg said.

Here are my two questions: Based on the police report, the cops took their cues from the witnesses. So does that make the cops racist, or the witnesses racist? And why, when police showed up, was Bryant’s wife “reluctant to answer” when the police asked her what happened? Why did she look at the officer for 15 seconds and not respond?

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