Bart Scott is Not Pleased With His Wrestling Critics

Bart Scott was asked by ESPN whether he notified the Jets before his recent, predictably electrifying appearance on “TNA iMPACT.”

“It would be like going on ‘Dancing With the Stars. Did I have to check (with the Jets) when I ate Wise potato chips? (An endorsement he did last fall.) Did (Mark) Sanchez have to check when he threw a Pepsi bottle in a Pepsi commercial? Do you have to check when you shoot a Dicks commercial and have to run across the floor? (A Darrelle Revis commercial.) At what point does it bear conversation?”

Wrestling fans are sure to be offended that Scott compared professional wrestling to Dancing With the Stars, but I think most of us are still soaking in the moment after learning Darrelle Revis is endorsing dicks.

During Scott’s appearance on the show, Kurt Angle put him into an ankle lock, inspiring the announcer to scream “You’re going to ruin the Jets defense!” No, no it would not.

Jets’ Scott slams wrestling critics [NY Post; photo via Getty]

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