Albert Pujols Doesn't Like to Sign Autographs, Apparently

Albert Pujols: Six hundred and seventeen people lined up recently to get Pujols’ autograph. Pujols wasn’t very cordial, writes Jeff Pearlman. “Pujols does not look up—ever. He does not show emotion—ever … Like 98 percent of his teammates, he’d rather be shaving wild emus than sitting here. The rest of the Cardinals, however, attempt to hide it. For a full hour, Pujols doesn’t. Because of his endorsement deal with Upper Deck, he signs only pictures and baseballs (every other player signs whatever’s presented to him).” Sounds pleasant. I once begged my parents to drive me to Macy’s (or one of those department stores) to get Patrick Ewing’s autograph. I was maybe 11. He’s wasn’t awful, but he certainly wasn’t friendly. I never stood on line for an autograph again. [Jeff Pearlman]

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