Taco Del Rio Brawl Features Incredible One-Punch KO

Taco Del Rio is a fast food chain in California based on some quick research. Recently it hosted a 3-0n-2 brawl where the three got their asses handed to them by the two. The three kids come in cackling like extras in The Warriors and the lead idiot gets dropped with a single, devastating punch. His friends offer little help and he ends up staggering out of the Taco Del Rio while clearly still out of it. Another angle after the jump.

Really one of the cleanest KOs you will ever see. The ref really should have stepped in and stopped the fight. You’ve got to protect the fighter. Even if he is a fat kid in a #69 jersey. Those extra kicks and punches to the face aren’t going to help him get cleared by the NSAC anytime soon.

[hypervocal via @AceCowboy]

Because you want to see it first!

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