Billy Packer & Charles Barkley Need to Get a Room

Billy Packer made these benign comments earlier this week about the NCAA tournament. Then, Charles Barkley went off on Packer last night: “stop being a jackass.” Then Billy Packer fired back this morning on Sports Radio 610 in Texas:

“I would have no problem debating Charles Barkley [on college basketball] … I have probably forgotten more about college basketball … than Charles Barkley ever knew existed.”

I love the idea of having Barkley in the studio during the NCAA tournament, but they’ll really need to balance him out with someone like a Packer, Jay Bilas or Doug Gottlieb. You know, an informed college basketball analyst who has been monitoring the entire season and is quick-witted enough to handle Barkley’s salvos.

Because you want to see it first!

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