Roundup: Georgia Tech Coaching Candidates, Zbikowski Wins by TKO & NCAA Tournament Brackets

Kate Upton … Frank Rich’s last column in the Times … terrifying video of when the tsunami first hit Japan … the “All-Steroids” team … a collection of NFL players tweeting about the labor situation … if you’re getting a divorce, look out for a “Dirty DUI” … female model turned boxer … here’s a photo of a panda hugging a police officer‘s leg … before and after photos of what the tsunami did to Japan … the 25 best financial blogs … Jenny McCarthy is still in fantastic shape … 90-year-old jumps in front of a horse to protect a young girl … Partake in The Big Lead’s Bracket Game

Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski won his boxing fight ever the weekend by TKO in the first round. [NFP]

UNC grad vs. Duke grad make friends on press row. Briefly. Then, it got ugly. [Seth Curry Saves Duke]

Here are some potential candidates to replace Paul Hewitt at Georgia Tech. [AJC]

Billy Packer has some thoughts on Maryland and Georgetown. [Bog]

The ABC’s of the NCAA tournament. [Bracket Boy]

Bizarre arrest: Josh Powell of the Hawks was cuffed for refusing to move his car that was blocking an ambulance. [AJC]

Things to take into account when filling out your brackets: Scoring margin. [WSJ]

Yes, Jay Bilas made many harsh remarks about the NCAA tournament selection committee, but they were all accurate. [USA Today]

This Michael Floyd tweet at the bottom is quite funny. [Inside the Irish]

Any Kappa Sigma members out there feel like weighing in on the viral email controversy? [Daily Trojan, Barstool]

Not all that surprising: The Ohio State lawyer who sent Jim Tressel the emails that eventually got the Buckeyes’ coach suspended says he has received death threats. [ESPN]

Woman charged with leaving four of her kids at home alone while she went out to her job as a stripper. [Sun-Sentinel]

Dexter Strickland got called for a charge here, but wow, the kid’s got ups.

Nate Solder is a big boy.

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