Jim Tressel Changes Story, Now Blames Failure To Seek "Wise Counsel"

Jim Tressel has changed his story again. Sports By Brooks found a video of Tressel speaking to Defense Supply Center Columbus where he now blames his unethical conduct violation on a failure to seek “wise counsel.” So, Tressel’s major mistake was not violating NCAA rules and then lying about it. It was his failure not to ask someone wise whether he should violate NCAA rules (and his own contract) and lie about it. He’s willing to be held accountable, for that.

Tressel’s brilliant move was establishing a reputation for being unable to form words into coherent thoughts. He babbles in circles. By the time you have deciphered the absolute ridiculousness of what he’s trying to say, he has already left the podium.

Ohio State increased Tressel’s suspension to five games, but that certainly won’t be the end of it. As Fox Sports Ohio’s Bruce Hooley points out, Ohio State should be considered a repeat offender, as the violations occurred within a five-year window from those of former basketball coach Jim O’Brien.


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