NFL Moves Kickoffs Back To 35-yard Line

NFL Moves Kickoffs Back To 35-yard Line


NFL Moves Kickoffs Back To 35-yard Line

Kickoffs Return to 35, Touchbacks Stay the Same: The owners voted to adopt the rule change proposal to move kickoffs back to the 35 yard line, where they were prior to 1994. The touchbacks, which were discussed as potentially moving to the 25 yard line (I thought such a move would negate the point of moving the kickoff point), will still stay the same. Teams will also be allowed 2 man wedges.

I look forward to reading the angst by those so opposed to an 18-game schedule because of concern for player safety, but who will opposed to this because it will ruin football. Because 2 kickoff returns a year like they had in 1976 was not football. Apparently, injuries are absolutely perfect as they are, and reducing them on one of the most high impact plays in the game isn’t worth that one extra td you might see if you attend 10 NFL games. [ESPN]

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