TSN2's Preemption of March Madness For Women's Curling Confirmed By A Horrified Bachelor Party

Yesterday Twitter tipped us off about Canada’s TSN2 switching from the NCAA Tournament’s late games to show women’s curling. Last night, we got confirmation from a reader who was in Canada for a bachelor party. After the jump, allow Ryan to share his harrowing tale.

This is very, very true. Myself and six other (Americans) made it up to Windsor for a long weekend in part to celebrate a Bachelor party, but also due to March Madness. We were all watching (and betting) on the games in the Legend’s Bar/Restaurant at Caesar’s Windsor. They cut to a Curling match and the place came unglued. It did, however, turn into sarcastic cheering and people trying to cash in fake Curling betting tickets. All in all it was pretty humorous. They had the American CBS feed, but refused to use it. It was TSN or nada. The Curling fiasco was right on par with TSN profiling the FIVE Canadian basketball players in the Tournament during a pre-game segment they called “Canadian Content.”

Personally, I think its classy that he didn’t include details about the maple syrup shots and strippers dressed like female mounties. It kind of reminds me of the Atlantic City bachelor party I attended where we all ended up watching the USA-Canada Board Battle slow-pitch softball game on a hung over Saturday afternoon. Of course, its not like ESPN preempted a CFL playoff game to show softball. Wacky Canadians.

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