Geno Auriemma Upset Connecticut Residents Didn't Show Up To Watch Another UConn Blowout

UConn women’s hoops coach, Geno Auriemma, was upset because only 5,729 fans showed up for the final home game of the season. I know what you’re thinking – 5,729 people at a women’s basketball game sounds like a record. Wrong! Geno Auriemma and his team of female basketball assassins are rockstars who only play in front of sold out arenas.

Hartford Courant, get Geno Auriemma to the Greek!

“I think it’s probably natural. I guess we need to win more. Everybody loves a winner, you know.

Maybe we should offer free parking, more giveaways. We should let some of the fans coach the team, maybe a guest coach every quarter.

We have a spoiled group of fans who assume we are going to win, who assumed we would be in Philadelphia and be at the Final Four.”

Shut up. UConn is 112-1 in the last three years. They have all the most talented players every… single… year.  Who wants to go watch a 40-minute layup line every night against completely overmatched teams that don’t have any players good enough to sit on UConn’s bench? I can’t believe fans couldn’t come out in droves for the latest drubbing.

(Hartford Courant)

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