Friday Flashbacks: MLB Investigates Pete Rose's Gambling

Friday Flashbacks: MLB Investigates Pete Rose's Gambling


Friday Flashbacks: MLB Investigates Pete Rose's Gambling

After a week off from the Flashbacks due to the craziness of the first week of the NCAA tournament, the Friday Flashbacks return just in time for what used to be the end of the college basketball season, when most news revolved around baseball teams getting ready to start a new season, and basketball teams winning championships. Here are your news stories from seasons past for the week of March 25 to March 31.

Pete Rose, gambling allegations, Commissioner’s office announces they will conduct a full investigation (1989) . . . Indians pitchers Steve Olin and Tim Crews die in boating accident (1993) . . . Fidel Castro says he can beat John F. Kennedy at golf (1961) . . . A good article about long suffering Philly and Browns fans-could insert Pirates or Royals today (1940) . . . Nike All Courts are only $19.90 (and Danny Ainge chooses baseball over basketball) (1981) . . . Loudonville, New York bowler has heart attack, still goes on to bowl perfect game (1974) . . . Gordie Howe’s comeback attempt (1997) . . . As sure as the sun rises, retired ballplayers criticize current ballplayers. Here’s Ty Cobb complaining about today’s players (1952) . . .

Steinbrenner vs. Winfield (1988) . . . “Duke deserves to win because it is doing something remarkable in the jaded, cynical world of 1986 college athletics. It is winning with students.” (1986) . . .  North Carolina beats Michigan State then Kansas in back to back triple overtime games to win title (1957) . . . 55% of Canadians favor pro sports on Sundays (1946) . . . Topps vs. Fleer (1983) . . . Jim Murray is voted top sportswriter for fifth year in a row (1971) . . . Tom Benson says Saints would be willing to trade all their picks to move up to draft Ricky Williams. It’s probably a smoke screen, because no one would be dumb enough to say something like that publicly (1999) . . . Indiana goes undefeated in winning national championship (1976) . . .

Can anyone beat UNLV? (1991) . . .  Keith Olbermann is not a fan of replacement baseball players (1995) . . . George Mason to the Final Four (2006) . . . Had to put this one in for the picture of the kid on the right side (1964) . . . Veteran pitcher Rip Collins quits the St. Louis Browns to join the Texas Rangers, the real Texas Rangers (1932) . . . High school player of the year Sam Bowie signs with Kentucky (1979) . . . No Dunk Rule will remain in effect (1968) . . . Dwyane Wade goes for a triple double as Marquette beats #1 Kentucky in the Elite Eight (2003).

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