Acclaimed Writer Writes Fantastic Story About His Career Tanking Due to Binging on Video Games and Drugs

Video Games & Drugs: Tom Bissell was an acclaimed, prize-winning author. Then, he got hooked on video games. The next time you see a friend binging on Grand Theft Auto, tell them Bissell’s story. “Soon I was sleeping in my clothes. Soon my hair was stiff and fragrantly unclean. Soon I was doing lines before my Estonian class, staying up for days, curating prodigious nose bleeds and spontaneously vomiting from exhaustion … Soon I was walking into the night, handing hundreds of dollars in cash to a Russian man whose name I did not even know, waiting in alleys for him to come back – which he always did, though I never fully expected him to – and retreating home, to my Xbox, to GTA IV, to the electrifying solitude of my mind at play in an anarchic digital world.” [Guardian]

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