Nice to See the Atlanta Media Are Already Delusional About the Baseball Season

Atlanta Braves: Every media outlet brims with optimism about the local teams at the start of every season. Sure, the Philadelphia Phillies are SI cover boys, but what about the 91-win Atlanta Braves? From the AJC: “Yes, on paper, Philadelphia has one of the greatest starting pitching rotations ever assembled. But on the field, the Braves project like National League East Division champions.” I must have missed the projection. There’s more. “Adding Dan Uggla gives the lineup the potent right-handed bat it needed … Martin Prado is as good an all-around player as there is in baseball. Nate McLouth looks better …” What the hell is a Martin Prado? Well, I’m ready. I’ve got my Say Heyward t-shirt on and my favorite Sid Bream baseball card in hand. [AJC]

Because you want to see it first!

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