Orioles Catcher Jake Fox Angers Orioles Manager Buck Showalter by Swinging at 3-0 Pitch

Orioles catcher Jake Fox, who leads the Grapefruit League with 10 homers, managed to piss off both Jim Leyland and his own manager, Buck Showalter on Monday during a 14-9 win over the Tigers. With the O’s leading 13-3 in the eighth and runners on second and third with no outs, and a minor leaguer on the mound, the jackass inexplicably gave himself the greenlight on a 3-0 pitch. Bad move. Bucky don’t play ‘dat. In fact, nobody plays that:

Showalter angrily yanked off his hat, and was seen yelling in the home dugout to anyone in particular. His hat off the whole time, he kept shaking his head and muttering throughout the rest of Fox’s at-bat, which resulted in a walk. Leyland, meanwhile, yelled at Fox from the top step of the dugout.

How awesome is it to have Buck Showalter back in baseball? Love the fire. It would be one hell of a party if Lou Piniella were still living (read: dying) in the AL East. But anyway, despite Showalter showing clear, visible disapproval of what his player did, Fox can no doubt expect to be plunked the next time he sees the Tigers; as he should be.

Fox draws ire of both managers today [Orioles Insider; photo via Getty]

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