The Case Against Dennis Rodman in the Hall of Fame

Dennis Rodman: Longtime SI writer Jack McCallum appears to be the lone dissenting voice about putting Dennis Rodman in the Hall of Fame. “The Hall of Fame is not for supporting players. Here are Rodman’s scoring averages for his three seasons with the Bulls: 5.5, 5.7 and 4.7 points … the Hall of Fame isn’t for players averaging four or five points a game … I suggest that he was not always the greatest teammate – sometimes late, sometimes undependable, sometimes a liability, having collected 212 technical fouls during his career.” McCallum notes that Chris Mullin wasn’t a first ballot HOFer, but Rodman was. I wonder – are role players now going to get serious consideration for the HOF? Bruce Bowen, come on down! Robert Horry, you too! [SI]

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