What Was Your Favorite Jim Nantz Dog Pun After Connecticut Beat Butler?

Jim Nantz you sly dog.

It was an easy night for Nantz, who could have used these same lines if Butler had won. He can’t win here, obviously. The lines were cheesy, but CBS probably gave him a pat on the back – you know they high-fived over expensive scotch when Nantz uttered the “Walker, Texas Ranger” line – and then got him G6 so he could get to Augusta quickly.

“The Huskies Are Top Dog in 2011”
“Everyone was talking about the dog fight coming in here …”
“Connecticut Wins Best in Show”

Nantz’s puns or Kemba dropping an N-bomb on stage?

Sorry, that’s all about I can muster on the game. It was dreadful. I won’t let it sully the memory of an incredible tournament.

[videos via @BubbaProg]

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