LeBron James Teams Up With Red Sox Ownership, Buys Minority Stake in Liverpool

LeBron James is now part owner of a Premier League club. The self-proclaimed king has bought a minority of share of Liverpool FC as part of a comprehensive deal with Fenway Sports Group. Fenway Sports Marketing will also be “partnering” with LeBron’s marketing firm to be his “exclusive world-wide representative.”

It’s certainly odd. As a still-active athlete, LeBron now owns part of a sports franchise bigger than the one employing him and has a third sports franchise managing his marketing. Teaming up with the Red Sox seams to be one of the few things he could’ve done to make himself less popular. Do Yankee fans now disown him? Global icondom enhanced?

Eventually, LeBron will have to go to Liverpool, pose for pictures and wear a scarf. How LeBron handles the English media will be interesting. He won’t receive his customary deference. He’ll have to fluff his own pillows. He will get destroyed if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, disrespects the club’s storied history in some way or just gives those jackals more than a monosyllabic soundbite. LeBron has now placed himself at the epicenter of America’s most annoying sports opera and England’s.

Referring to Liverpool LeBron said “I see myself trying to do the same things they have.” He’s well on his way to talking a big game, drawing an inordinate amount of attention to himself and not seriously competing for a title.

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