NFL Lockout Update: DeMaurice Smith Still Wearing A Hat, Looking Grim For Madden '12

The NFL and its players were in court today. “Lawyers for the players asked a judge on Wednesday to grant a preliminary injunction that would lift a lockout imposed by owners.” This will likely take a couple weeks as Judge Susan Richard Nelson hears all the pertinent information before telling everyone to knock it off. (That’s my legal interpretation anyway.)

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Chronicle broke down the six industries that would be hurt the most by the lockout. Most of them are obvious, but what about the video game industry? Sales of Madden ’12 could drop 50% if there is no football this Fall. My suggestion? Work the lockout into the game. You can’t start drafting or playing games in Franchise Mode until you’ve properly negotiated retired player health benefits, the number of preseason games, a possible 2-game extension of the season and how to fairly divide billions of dollars between a bunch of rich people.

Finally, DeMaurice Smith’s hat, man. His choice of headgear was pointed out to me over a month ago, but I just haven’t had the proper opportunity to bring it up. So here we are. That’s a fine hat sir.

[Image via Getty]

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