The Roundup: Carl Lewis Runs for Senate, More Shady Activity in the SEC & no Cell Phones at Augusta

Alexis Bledel … good read about the higher education bubbleAuto buds! … watch this woman destroy her boyfriend’s car … the Winklevoss twins lost again … a lot of fans showed up at the Mets game last night … here’s a Cubs fanthermal cameras in Boston – what could go wrong? … Benicio Del Toro knocked up Rod Stewart’s daughter … missing boy found playing video games at Wal-mart … you can’t wear a full-face veil in France … “Toddler Mistakenly Served Alcohol at Applebee’s” … women beating homeless men is an actual fetish? …

Remember when Wisconsin’s Mike Bruesewitz went to the braids? He’s now gone with the buzz cut. [JS Online]

Terrelle Pryor debunks the Supplemental Draft report. [Twitter]

Former golfer who famously cried on air was kicked out of Augusta for one day last weekend for using his cell phone. [USA Today]

The law firm: From running back to the boxing ring. [Herald]

People watching in the Masters Grill Room Sunday afternoon. [Yahoo]

If you comment on blogs, you may want to take a look at this Joe Posnanski blog post. [Joe Blogs]

Carl Lewis to run for Senate in New Jersey. [Star Ledger]

NYT traffic down since the paywall went up. [Hitwise]

Jim McMahon on getting around the Honor Code at BYU: “You had to find girls who kept their mouths shut.” [PFT]

Auburn, Alabama, dirty, SEC, blah, blah. [Rivals]

Video of one plane clipping another on the ground at JFK Airport in New York. [NBC]

We’ll see these guys on Letterman in what, two weeks?

A few years old, but funny nonetheless. [via Dave Lozo]

Sonics’ fans are great; this video is extra cool because it was shot in Costco. [via Can’t Stop the Bleeding]

Because you want to see it first!

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