Lawyers Laughed and Ripped ESPN's Lester Munson For His Barry Bonds Trial Analysis

Lester Munson: ESPN’s legal expert seems to think the prosecution side was victorious in its case against Barry Bonds. Lawyers disagree. From Above the Law: “The jurors wanted to convict him of perjury but couldn’t do it because the prosecutors couldn’t meet their burden, but the defense went 0-for-4? WHAT THE F*** IS THIS MAN TALKING ABOUT? HOW ARE WE LIVING IN A WORLD WHERE THAT’S THE MAN TELLING LAYPEOPLE HOW TO FEEL ABOUT THIS TRIAL?” From Hanging Sliders: “Munson’s so called ‘legal analysis’ is so full of factual, legal and constitutional errors that it’s hard to believe any reputable news organization would publish it.” [Above the Law]

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