Roundup: Joe Pavelski's Game-Winner for San Jose, Bowers to Skip Draft & Vince Young Returns?

Eva Longoria … Jennifer Lawrence in GQ is worth a few minutes … Sheriff Joe, noooo! … feels like how the NCAA punishes less-prominent schools because big programs cheated … the University of Colorado is closing its journalism school … Florida high school won’t let kid take his college girlfriend to the prom … the Palin-Trump connection! … how much are computers really worth? … Erika Kane’s going off the air, I hope Lil’ Kim isn’t too crushed … Minka Kelly’s going to Broadway … sounds like Dog the Bounty Hunter has an aggressive security team …

Tremendous read about the Verizon guy (aka, Can you hear me now?), and the hell he’s been through over the last nine years. [Atlantic]

Chris Johnson thinks Vince Young could return to the Titans. [Tennessean]

“Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan was even more blunt, saying Woods is now “thoroughly unrootable and unlikable.” Ryan added, “How can you root for this guy?” [St. Pete Times]

Roddy Beaubois has a sprained ankle, and DeShawn Stevenson is expected to start Saturday night against Portland. [Star-Telegram]

Da’Quan Bowers won’t attend the NFL draft. [The State]

Of the nine oldest NBA teams to make the playoffs in the last 20 years, only two of them made the Finals. [WSJ]

Harrison Barnes returning to UNC? [The Hoops Report]

The anti NBA awards. [Hickory High]

Tim Lincecum has donated $25,000 to the fund of the SF Giants fan who was beaten into a coma. [MLB.com]

We have some Florida Gators fans here, right? [CBS Sports]

The Heat want to move Chris Bosh for a point guard? He’s been a letdown, but not sure I believe that. [Star]

The 30 Most Ridiculous Character Names on All My Children and One Life to Live [Vanity Fair]

I don’t think the NBA’s in that bad of shape – nothing contracting two teams wouldn’t cure. [Seattle Times]

Joe Pavelski scores the game-winner in overtime, Sharks take a 1-0 lead on the Kings.

This tsunami footage gets scary at the 2:00 mark, then moreso at 4:20 when you see people running.

Heather Thomas in the 80s – when she was starring on The Fall Guy – was one of my first crushes. [via Simmons]

Because you want to see it first!

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