Man Awarded $6.6 Million For Injuries Suffered Watching Monday Night Football At The Palms

Enrique Rodriguez is the new American Dream, my friends. If Raoul Duke were alive today and taking a trip to Las Vegas, Enrique Rodriguez would be his attorney. He’s not just some dingbat he’d pick up on the strip either.

A customer injured when a sports book patron dived for a water bottle thrown into the crowd by a cheerleader has won $6.6 million in his lawsuit against the Palms hotel-casino in Las Vegas.

Who dives for a water bottle!?

In their 2006 lawsuit, attorneys for Rodriguez said that on Nov. 22, 2004, he was watching Monday Night Football at the sports book when one of the contracted “Palms Girls,” Brandy L. Beavers, participated in a promotion by throwing souvenirs to sports book patrons.

“Hi, I’m Brandy Beavers. I throw souvenirs down at the sports book.”

“A customer within the sports book/sports bar dove for a thrown souvenir and hit plaintiff’s extended and stationary left knee. Plaintiff then struck the person next to him, hitting the left side of his head, then falling down, thereby sustaining the injuries and damages alleged,” the lawsuit said.

It was nice of the judge to rule in favor of Rodriguez, but you’ve got to keep your head on a swivel in the sports book.

The suit claimed Palms officials had failed to properly instruct and supervise Beavers in her duties “distributing souvenirs to a crowd” and didn’t have reasonable methods of crowd control during the event.

After the trial, Walsh signed an order finding that prior to the November 2004 incident, the Palms was aware that promotional items were being thrown into crowds at events there and that “defendant knew this behavior was inappropriate because it was a safety issue.”

I can’t believe that Brandy Beavers didn’t practice safety first. Maybe next time she’ll pass out golf shoes. For now, the Maloofs will watch even more money say goodbye.

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