Sergio Ramos Drops the Copa Del Rey, 3 People Run Over at McDonald's & Weird Al Does Lady Gaga

Olivia Munn … man attacks woman at divorce hearing … Sergio Ramos, showing off his absswarm of bees kills elderly couple … video from Jalen Rose’s arrest … your iphone or ipad is tracking every move you make … watch these people skydive in slow motionRussian hockey announcer or model? … this minor league bullpen looks like fun … sounds like a solid performance by Dave Chappelle in San Fran … Cardinals fan with a 4:20 jersey

The finger injury Arizona’s Derrick Williams suffered in late January? A broken finger. Yes, he played the final two months with a broken finger. [Citizen]

We’re not 20 games into a 162-game marathon and this guy is really drinking the Cleveland Indians’ kool-aid. [News-Herald]

I know everyone is spent on Cam Newton … but I found the use of “scrub” in this headline comical. [JS Online]

Remember how good of a prospect Brandon Wood was? [OC Register]

You don’t want to be that “cool coach” who gives beer to his players. [LA Weekly]

Not sure how he’s got Pennington over Sanchez at QB, but otherwise, this isn’t bad at all. Guess he forgot how great of a deal it was to move up and grab him. [ESPN NY]

The Coyotes were swept by the Red Wings, and now everyone waits to see when the franchise is moving back to Canada. [Republic]

Dane Fife used to play at Indiana, and he was recently coaching at IPFW. Now, he’s going to be an assistant at Michigan State. [Fort Wayne Gazette]

More chatter regarding “it’s time to pick a new position for Joe Mauer.” [Star-Trib]

Court deposition statement leads to this headline: Did the Cubs throw the 1918 World Series? [AP]

Here’s Weird Al’s new song that shreds Lady Gaga. And here’s the backstory.

When you’re a soccer player and you’ve really got to go … [via Hot Clicks]

A fight broke out in the parking lot of a McDonald’s that was trying to hire people. At the 1:00 mark, terrifying, three people are run over. Fortunately, they all survived. [via Plain Dealer]

Watch Sergio Ramos drop the Copa Del Ray … and then watch the bus run over it. [Real Madrid]

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