Kirk Herbstreit - Finally - Speaks About Jim Tressel

Kirk Herbstreit: The Jim Tressel saga began the night of March 7th, and finally, seven weeks later, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit – who played QB at OSU and is the most visible alumni from the program because he hosts Gameday – chimed in. “If this would have happened to John Cooper, not only would they have fired him, they would have actually lined it up and had a firing squad and fired him.” Herbstreit also engaged in back-and-forth with readers on twitter. He took some heat for saying OSU shouldn’t recruit players like Pryor and Clarett, but later clarified that statement. What took Herbstreit so long to weigh in? Well, he did move from Ohio to Tennessee. Tangentially related and unintentionally funny: Tony Barnhart drags the SEC into this.

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