NCAA Charges Boise State With Lack of Institutional Control

NCAA Charges Boise State With Lack of Institutional Control


NCAA Charges Boise State With Lack of Institutional Control

The NCAA has meted out retribution to college athletics’ most egregious den of iniquity, THE Boise State University. An investigation found rampant corruption across multiple sports, 22 secondary violations over five years. This lead the NCAA to drop the dreaded “lack of institutional control” hammer.

Succinctly, Boise State had agreed to summary disposition for secondary violations. Fiendish women’s tennis coaches committed another, slightly more serious violation, after the agreement. The NCAA got pissed and decided to send them before the Committee on Infractions.

What were these violations? Here is an example from a sport we care about.

In football, the NCAA determined that total dollar value over five years was $4,934 for all of the housing, transportation and meals provided to 63 incoming student-athletes. All services ranged from $2.34 to a maximum of $417.55 and have been reimbursed by the student-athletes.

Parsing the journo-speak, the football program provided “impermissible benefits” to the tune of $78 per incoming football player. Said players visited campus, were offered plush accommodations on a player’s futon or floor, transported in a vehicle and “provided free food,” presumably from a cafeteria.

Talk about lack of institutional control. Had Boise simply starved kids, exposed them to the elements and forced them to walk from the airport, they would not be in this mess.

The NCAA remains hopelessly inept at handling the massive corruption that it has metastasized in its two most prominent sports, but, I must credit them, the hall monitoring remains first-class.

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