Mike Greenberg is the New Colin Cowherd: Yes, There's Going to be a TV Show About Mike Greenberg's Life

Further Proof TV Has Run Out of Original Ideas: There’s going to be a sitcom about the life of ESPN’s Mike Greenberg. (Surely you’ve heard of him – he’s one half of the consistently terrible “Mike & Mike” radio show.) Apparently Greenberg wrote a book (“My Wife Thinks I’m an Idiot”) that a few TV people really enjoyed, and Variety now reports “the single-camera laffer will revolve around a sportscaster who juggles his relationship with his slovenly radio show co-host and his marriage to a sports-hating spouse.” The upcoming Colin Cowherd sitcom will feature a sports radio host who makes obnoxious commentary. Are sports radio hosts that interesting? And if so, when does Scott Van Pelt get his sitcom? As a point of reference, Tony Kornheiser’s life-as-sitcom, “Listen Up!” lasted 22 episodes. I’d set the over/under on Cowherd’s show lasting 16 episodes, and Greenberg’s 12. [Variety]

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