Friday Flashbacks: Mike Price Gets Stripped Of His Alabama Job, and the Knicks Somehow Win the Patrick Ewing Lottery

Here are your Friday Flashbacks for the week of May 6 to May 12:

Mike Price fired before he ever coaches a game at Alabama, for having a little too much fun (2003) . . .  The Houston Rockets even the series with the Celtics after a costly Bird technical–and yes, 3o years ago, they were playing the NBA finals this week (1981) . . . Free Shoes University (1994) . . . Jimmy Jones shows us that old-fogey-ism isn’t just reserved for sports with people, saying he’s not impressed by Secretariat (1973) . . . Jim Schoenfeld suspended, but Devils get a court injunction to keep him coaching in the conference finals, and the officials walk off while the NHL President can’t be found (1988) . . . Grantland Rice on Derby Crowds (1949) . . .

Against the odds, the Knicks win the Patrick Ewing draft lottery (1985) . . . In what was dubbed the “Dream Series”, the three-time defending champion Islanders shut out the explosive Edmonton Oilers and Wayne Gretzky in game one of the Stanley Cup Finals (1983) . . . A New Jersey teen gets speared in the neck with a javelin, survives (1993) . . . Are professional sports salaries justified? (1976) . . . Does anyone remember a chocolate-flavored soft drink named after Pete Rose? (1978) . . . Thurman Munson thinks defending Cy Young winner Ron Guidry is “crazy and wacky” for switching to the bullpen while Goose Gossage is out (1979) . . . Red Smith with a fantastic piece on Cassius Clay’s conviction for refusing to report for military service (1968) . . .

Olbermann suspended by ESPN for unauthorized appearance on Craig Kilborn’s Daily Show (1997) . . . Fans are “becoming brain dead sadists from watching too much sports on television” (1984) . . . Rickey Henderson celebrates breaking the career stolen base record (1991) . . . Seattle Slew wins the Kentucky Derby (1977) . . . Famous athletes as business failures (1971) . . . SI and Valvoline apologize for unfortunate ad placement next to photo of dead spectators at Lowe’s Motor Speedway (1999) . . . Steve Nash edges Shaquille O’Neal for NBA MVP (2004) . . . Shaquille O’Neal apologizes for joking about having sex with Cindy Crawford and Venus Williams (2001).

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