Rajon Rondo Came Back From A Dislocated Elbow and The Celtics Beat The Heat

Rajon Rondo suffered what appeared to be a season-ending injury tonight. Turned out to not be a big deal. All he did was dislocate his elbow. The training staff popped his elbow back into place, Rondo played some solid one-armed basketball and the Celtics trimmed the Heat’s series lead to 2-1 in front of a noisy Boston crowd.

Rondo finished with 6 points and 11 assists. The stuff he did after the injury was borderline heroic (even though he returned with the Celtics up 16). Paul Pierce scored 27 and Kevin Garnett scored 28 points and grabbed 18 rebounds. It was like 2008 again, or something. For once glorious night, Boston was alive and teamwork triumphed over raw talent. Shaq even got to play 8 minutes and score 2 points.

Since we don’t generally show you video clips of jump shots – pretty sure that’s everything the Celtics did tonight – here’s Dwyane Wade dunking.

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Because you want to see it first!

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