The Washington Wizards New Uniforms Are Fantastic

The Washington Wizards unveiled their new uniforms today and I must express with the vigor of James Lipton that they are an absolute delight. What we’re seeing here is a pleasant return to the team’s patriotic colors worn through the 1996 season — which was sadly big Gheorghe Muresan’s swan song with the franchise — when they were aptly known as the Washington Bullets.

I’ve always been disappointed whenever a team completely departs from their signature colors for a brand new color scheme, particularly when the Pistons memorably did so in such overwhelmingly awful fashion, as well as when the Rockets literally went to space in 1995, so the renewed commitment to red, white and blue here is welcomed with open arms.

This look hits all the right notes. It’s clean and sharp, but not overdone. That’s really all we ask for when it comes to uniforms.

[via @MikePradaSBN]

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