Cleveland Indians: The Rebuilding Study

Indians Secret Sauce: “The Wall Street Journal retraced all 206 of the Indians’ noteworthy transactions since that Game 7 loss to the Red Sox. Forty-four of those were deals with other clubs, the third-most of any team over that span … The Indians’ philosophy on retooling the roster comes from a 2002 study the front office did on rebuilding efforts across the majors. The team found that it generally took teams at least eight years to get back to a 90-win level. ‘We didn’t want to go through an 8-to-11-year process,’ GM Chris Antonetti said. So Cleveland focused on acquiring youngsters who are at or near the major-league level, as opposed to hyped prospects who needed time.” Their 23-11 record is the best in baseball thanks largely to consistent starting pitching across the board, which has sadly prevented us from using this familiar DeNiro clip that so eloquently summed up their play over the last two seasons. [WSJ]

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