OSU's Thaddeus Gibson Paid $13,700 for Chrysler 300C, Still Less Than Half What He Should Have Paid.

The Columbus Dispatch found an older title to former Ohio State linebacker Thaddeus Gibson’s 2007 Chrysler 300C, showing he in fact paid $13,700 for the car, not zero dollars. So, everything was above board, right? “Not so fast, my friend.”

The 300C is the high-end version of the Chrysler 300 sedan. New, that car costs around $40,000. He bought a 2007 model with 13,760 miles for $13,700 in June 2007. The Blue Book value for that car in excellent condition, with that mileage, in 2011 in Columbus is $24,275. He bought it four years ago.

Just speculating, but that probably wasn’t a price the dealership offered to the general public. Here’s a 2006 model with 52,000 miles you can buy for $19,200.

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