The Matt Hasselbeck Madness Must Stop

Blame ESPN. Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times nails the Worldwide Leader for creating a dead horse, and then beating it.

April, John Clayton of ESPN: Not optimistic about Matt Hasselbeck re-signing in Seattle.
April, Trent Dilfer of ESPN (NFL Draft Night): “Matthew Hasselbeck is not coming back to Seattle.”
May 9, Adam Schefter of ESPN (NFL Live): Hasselbeck not expected to return to Seattle.
May 10, Adam Schefter of ESPN: “The signs point to the two sides potentially reuniting again.”
Thursday, John Clayton of ESPN: Hasselbeck is “better than a 50-50 bet to re-sign with Seattle.”

Writes O’Neil:

ESPN’s coverage has been inconsistent, at times contradictory and it has shown the dangerous gray area that exists between a reporter stating a fact, an analyst offering an opinion and a former teammate making a prediction.

Now that Hasselbeck’s probably staying in Seattle, I’m looking forward to similar reporting about Kevin Kolb and perhaps Donovan McNabb.

Creating a dead horse to beat [Seattle Times]

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