Derek Jeter Has Angered the Yankees Front Office

Yankee Brass vs. Jeter, Again: The Yankees’ front office is apparently annoyed with Derek Jeter after he “exonerated Posada from any wrongdoing, in his statements to reporters.” The gist of what Jeter said over the weekend was that Posada didn’t owe an apology to his teammates. Regardless, none of this should come as a surprise. Jeter and Posada are essentially going through the same exact thing at the same exact time, with the stark difference being that the captain’s situation is far more delicate from a public relations perspective, as he’s been the face of the franchise for 15 years and is 35 hits shy of a rather large milestone. They’ll do everything they can not to embarrass the guy as he approaches the record, but his at-bats have quickly reached a consistently wretched state. Safe to say, no one in baseball wants to be Joe Girardi right now. [ESPN]

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