ESPN Book: Dana Jacobson on the Night She Drank Vodka From the Bottle at the Mike & Mike Roast

Remember when Dana Jacobson got drunk at the Mike & Mike roast in Atlantic City in January 2008? She drank vodka from the bottle on stage and was suspended for a week. An Atlantic City newspaper quoted her as saying, “F Notre Dame, F Touchdown Jesus.” Here’s her take on the incident from the ESPN Book (which just arrived today).

My biggest thing that I have stood firm on is I just don’t like the fact that people think I “cursed jesus.” That I was drunk? Fine. That I was inappropriate? Yeah. That I was at a level of out of control that I shouldn’t have been at a work-sponsored roast? You Bet. I made a fool of myself. I embarrassed myself. I embarrassed the company. But I did not curse Jesus!

I got some nasty mail; there were a lot of phone calls. It was not a bright, shining spot of my career. The following Monday, when I came back to work, I did an apology on the air that I wrote – a lot of people think it was written for me; it wasn’t, I wrote it.

ESPN Book: pages 636-637

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