Let's See How the Media Handled Andre Ethier's Middle Finger Flap

Yesterday we posted two photos of Andre Ethier of the Dodgers flashing his middle finger during batting practice, and then the LA media went and asked him about it. Ethier danced around the topic for awhile before apologizing (“I’m sorry now. It’s a dumb incident.”). The Dodgers said they would handle the matter internally; MLB confirmed it is in fact investigating the incident (guess I should have emailed Pat Courtney instead of calling him). After the jump, a collection of media reaction.

Here’s what Sportscenter had on the incident this morning. Nice photo credit; no mention of this site from the anchor.

ESPN usually takes a beating for not crediting blogs or websites when they generate news, but I thought ESPNLA did the second best job of any print/media outlet.

Ethier denied the initial report, published on TheBigLead.com, in which a source claimed he used profanity with the photographer and was loud enough for children standing nearby to hear him.

The best job? The OC Register, which not only mentioned the site, but provided a hyperlink. Not only that, but Howard Cole’s commentary was brilliant: “I do think Ethier has issues.”

The LA Times had two items – something in the newspaper and a blog item – and neither of them mentioned this site. The newspaper item by Dylan Hernandez said the photos “appeared on a sports gossip site.” I got the impression Hernandez loved the idea of being name checked by Ethier.

The blog post, by Steve Dilbeck, was more of the same – snark about a website breaking the story, and then “hey look, Ethier mentioned me!”

This concludes our Andre Ethier coverage, probably for the season.

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