Roundup: Doping Claims Against Lance Armstrong, Crazy Dashcam Video & Jerry West to the Warriors?

Brooklyn Decker … “Mall masseur charged with inappropriately touching client during massage” … something called the Rapture movement says the world will end tomorrow … the “twitter trap” … these boots are lame … rare photographs from the Depression … here’s a crazy story … and a heartwarming one: “Homeless Chicago Man Donates Thousands To Struggling Mom” … I actually enjoyed Katie Couric’s tenure at CBS News … why would the teacher ignore this? …

Another cyclist, Tyler Hamilton, claims that Lance Armstrong used banned substances, including EPO. [Denver Post]

Jerry West to join the Golden State Warriors’ front office? [Mercury News]

Notre Dame paid $6.6 million to get rid of Charlie Weis, and he’ll keep getting paid until 2015. [Wiz of Odds]

One of the best players in UNLV basketball history is homeless and washing windows at a gas station. [NYT]

Kareem Abdul Jabbar wants a statue outside Staples Center. [LA Times]

Man finds $45,000 in cash in the ceiling of his house. The previous owner of the home had died, so the found money went to the previous owners’ children. [Salt Lake Trib]

This podcast with James Miller, author of the new ESPN Book, is quite good. We’ll post our interview with him later. [Hot Clicks]

Awesome: Jon Beason of the Panthers found not guilty of assault. [Observer]

Boston Bruins 2, Tampa Bay Lightning 0. The Bruins lead the series, 2-1. [Globe]

Here’s Joe Posnanski writing about how in 2013, the Yankees will have to pay a lot of old guys a lot of money. [SI]

Dick Ebersol’s departure from NBC Sports is a major loss for all of sports, says Bob Raissman. [NYDN]

Much respect for Gwyneth Paltrow. I knew there was a reason I liked her.

The Washington Huskies’ spring football game featured the helmet cam.

Who doesn’t love a good Mike Francesa rant? MARIANO RIVERA! [via @MikeFrancesaNY]

Watch this man get out of his car, dodge some taser attempts by one and two police officers, and then steal the police car. If you get bored by the car chase, fast-forward to the 2:20 mark to see the ending.

Because you want to see it first!

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