Locomotive Curt Vs. Mr. Ghetto's "Wal-Mart" In A Battle For Summer Soundtrack Supremacy

This is Locomotive Curt. He’s a teenage rapper. The song sounds kind of like the Ruff Ryder’s Anthem, but safe for work. The song is a mix of the sincerity of Poak Chops and the produced-for-a-fee-ness of Rebecca Black’s Friday. I’m sure this will be bumping (ironically) all summer long… Yet before I could post that video alone, another challenger stepped forward. Hello, Mr. Ghetto. 

Please watch this entire video. Not at work obviously. There is more ass-shaking in this video than an earthquake at the World Series of Poker. Wal-Mart is possibly the most remarkable song I’ve ever heard. The sincere adoration for a woman who shops for douches at Wal-Mart is admirable.

If this my last post before the Rapture… Well, I’ll be cool with that.

[h/t: BWE, River Front Times]

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Because you want to see it first.

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